Event Calendar


Weekly  featured Tastings:

Each weekend we host a tasting featuring wines from a different region of the world. For those curious to expand your experiences and familiarity, join us for a tasting.

In January, I plan to enjoy the still of winter by reflecting on wines from some of the most well know regions in the World. The names of these places have become synonymous with greatness. Come taste why!

As always, we buy limited amounts of each wine to allow room for wine each week. Because of this…. we recommend a visit early in the weekend. Wine comes in on Thursdays and are normally sold out by Saturday.

January 10-13

The regal wines of Piedmont, Itlay. The northern Italians are obsessive over quality. It could be cheese, olive oil or wine, the people of Piedmont take incredible pride in anything they create.

January 17 -20

Bordeaux, France. A world classic. A benchmark. Considered by many and the Holy Land of Cabernet-s and Merlot. Explore both banks of the Garonne River through the vineyards that shaped it’s lore.

January 24 - 27

Inside Catalonia, Spain. Holding two of my favorite regions, Priorat and Monstant, in its borders, this appellation has incredible wines. Situated right off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, these stunning wines can be salty, deep and raisin-ed by the sun.