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2018 Mylan Wines Viognier

Moody Tollbridge Vineyard - 

Columbia Valley AVA | 200 cases produced

My mother grew up in the Northern Rhone in the city of Valance not too far from the Condrieu. Bottles of Viognier from Condrieu was always present at weddings and family events as I grew up. It was always my dream to recreate this iconic wine here in the Columbia Valley from vineyards along the Columbia River. The similarities of our vineyard site and the Rhone are impressive. The site is farmed with minimal intervention and sprays. It can be so aromatic and full. In order to punch up the fruit in the wine and help finish fermentation we rested the wine on the lees (spent yeast cell at the bottom of the barrel) of our Gewürztraminer. The wine is very acidic and bright. The tropical fruit really shines through from the lees and there is a strong honeycomb and passion fruit note on the finish of this wine. Pair with sharp cheeses and light fish. The wine receives no racking movements and batonnage once.

2018 Mylan “Ethereum” Riesling

columbia gorge ava | 44 cases produced

This weekend we are excited to release our newest wine: Ethereum. A beautiful Riesling project with an amazing story. Many years ago, I met Dave Radcliffe of Davidson Hill Vineyards and fell in love with his passion for his home vineyard. Growing both Malbec and Riesling with expert precision, Dave has dedicated his second career to nurturing amazing fruit from the Hood River Valley. Late October of 2018 I received a call from Dave saying someone had backed out of a portion of their Riesling contract last minute…. and asked is I was interested in the grapes. At this point, it was so late in the harvest season I didn’t see any way to make a traditional style Riesling but inspiration struck from a Austrian wine tasting we had done a few week prior. The Austrians are known for a very specific style of Riesling called Smaragd. The concept is simple: allow the grapes to move weeks past the ripening point (small amounts of noble rot will form) and then make a dry white wine. This style has never been attempted in the Gorge and I was excited for a new vision of what Gorge Riesling can be like. Dave was admittedly reluctant to risk all of his hard work yet could see the plan could lead to something unique.

We harvested the weekend before Thanksgiving… well after everyone else was finished picking. I called a group of regulars/ wine club members and on a freezing cold morning we set out into the vines to pull these odd looking clusters off. The wine was then made in my traditional style with low technology and no additions to great success. This wine is fruity, round and very smooth with a small amount of fizz to lift the wine.


2017 Mylan Wines Cabernet Franc

Moody Tollbridge Vineyard

Columbia Valley AVA | 125 cases produced

Im obsessed with the intensely beautiful and mysterious Cabernet Franc of the Columbia River. Our 2017 vintage was quite wonderful,  even better then our 2016! This wine is my favorite. Pure and simple. It has so much character and grace. The aromas are fig and fennel. It has amazingly bright acidity and a dangerously smooth finish.

2018 Mylan Saint Apollinaire 2.whoa

Moody Tollbridge Vineyard Columbia Valley AVA

Odd blends have always fascinated me… I suppose I seek the road less traveled. The Apollinaire is a spunky blend that draws on the influence of the northern Rhone. An even bland of Viognier and Syrah this wine boasts all the power of Syrah while still showcasing the fullness of Viognier. While the chosen grapes for this blend are typical for a Southern France blend the ratios are dialed right to the opposite end of normal. Most Rhone blond are 90-95% Syrah while the Viognier plays a smaller role. In this wine I tried to upend tradition and see what the Viognier can bring to the party. Can be served cool or room temp depending on your preferences.

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