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Sparkling & White

2017 Mylan Wines Viognier

Moody Tollbridge Vineyard - 

Columbia Valley AVA | 200 cases produced

My mother grew up in the Northern Rhone in the city of Valance not too far from the Condrieu. Bottles of Viognier from Condrieu was always present at weddings and family events as I grew up. It was always my dream to recreate this iconic wine here in the Columbia Valley from vineyards along the Columbia River. The similarities of our vineyard site and the Rhone are impressive. The site is farmed with minimal intervention and sprays. We are happy to produce a Viognier created with classic flavors of peaches, dried fruit and white flowers. The wines sits in neutral french white barrels for a 6 month elevage. The wine receives only two racking movements and batonnage once.

2017 “fdlv” Pet- nat of Gewurztraminer

columbia gorge ava | 25 cases produced

Pétillant Naturel. (origin Fr.) abbrv. pet nat. A wine that has had its primary fermentation interrupted by bottling thereby rendering it naturally (naturel) sparking (pétillant) in the bottle.

The trick is to “capture” the wine in bottle right before it finishes fermenting. This is what creates the bubbles.  If you bottle too early, your bottles will explode. Bottle too late and there is no fizz. It’s a very tricky wine to “stick the landing.”

This technique creates a very dry, cider-esque wine experience.  I chose to make it out of the Gewurztraminer grape - a very aromatic white wine grape known for its tropical flavors.  It’s such a fun bottle to open with a group a friends! Make sure to chill the wine for the best experience. The wine is completely natural and unfiltered (like all my wines) so you can expect it to be cloudy, funky, and delicious.


2017 Mylan Wines pinot noir

Oak ridge vineyard

columbia gorge ava | 25 cases produced

Our Pinot Noir is made from Biodynamically farmed 100% Pommard clone, has a beautiful violet-red color, and aromas of wet river stone and rhubarb pie. It is complex and delicate. The wines sits in neutral french barrels (DAMY, SEGUIN MOREAU,TARASAUND) for a 12 month elevage. The wine received no racking movements and batonnage once during bottling. All of our wines are made in a very light and delicate style, which requires minimal aging and are meant to be enjoyed young.


2017 Mylan Wines "LE moelleux" Cabernet Franc

Moody Tollbridge Vineyard

Columbia Valley AVA | 48 cases produced

Im obsessed with the intensely beautiful and mysterious Cabernet Franc of the Columbia River. Our 2017 vintage was quite wonderful,  even better then our 2016! In the midst of tasting each barrel, two stood apart and above the others.  Absolutely stunning. "Le Moelleux"  is a blending of these barrels in a limited run with only 48 cases produced. While this wine does have the classic notes of currents, black olives and molasses, the wine has elevated flavors of fresh roasted coffee and leather.  This is my best Cabernet Franc to date.

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